Conference theme

The theme of the R&D Management 2024 conference is “Transforming industries through technology”. This conference will explore how technology is disrupting and transforming established industries through innovation. We will examine the forces of digitalization, automation, electrification and sustainability that are driving changes across many sectors.

Through research and leading examples, we aim to understand:

  • How emerging technologies like AI, IoT, advanced materials and clean energy are revolutionizing processes, products and business models.
  • The impact of the fourth industrial revolution on manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and other industries as physical and digital worlds converge.
  • How companies and organizations can successfully innovate, adapt and thrive during periods of radical transformation.
  • The challenges and opportunities for organizations to upskill workforces, foster new skills and cultivate an innovation mindset in periods of transformation and change.

A key focus will be on the role of research and development in enabling and guiding organizational- and industry changes. We will explore how R&D work need to evolve to support open collaboration, multidisciplinary problem solving and fast experimentation needed to address wicked problems and grand challenges. By bringing together perspectives from technology developers, managers and policymakers, the goal is to provide insight into managing transformation, capitalizing on new opportunities and ensuring research accelerates responsible development with people and planet in mind.

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